Monday sessions are open to all players, start time 1.15pm. Be seated at Club by 1.00pm.

Convenor Jane Harding 06 876 0855



Wednesday open to all players, sessions start at 7.30pm. Be seated at Club by 7.15pm

Convenor Pat Sheridan 027 875 0273



Held for the benefit of our beginner players, these sessions begin at 7pm with a 15 minute lesson. Following the lesson 20 boards will be played. Experienced players are alway welcome providing they are willing to play with, and assist, our newer members.

Convenor Greg Whitten Ph: 027 5067 989


 Friday sessions open to all players, start at 10.30am. Be seated at Club by 10.15am. Provide your own lunch.

Convenor Dot Dallimore Ph: 027 240 5113




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