Open to all players 

Session starts at 1.15pm - be seated by 1.00pm.

Convenor: Jane Harding 06 876 0855



Open to all players

Session starts at 7.00pm - be seated by 6.50pm.

Convenor: Marit van Rangelrooy 027 332 5465



Held for the benefit of our beginner players

Session starts at 7.00pm with a 15 minute lesson followed by 20 boards

Experienced players are always welcome providing they are willing to play with, and assist, our newer members.

Convenor: Greg Whitten  027 5067 989



Open to all players

Session starts at 10.30am - be seated by 10.15am.

Provide your own lunch.

Convenor: Dot Dallimore 027 240 5113


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