What is a Bridge Lounge?

This is an online place where you go to play bridge socially.

Playing socially at your place?

It's just like having three friends over to your place for dinner and bridge except there is no need to prepare dinner, you play online, and then there is no need for a sober driver to get everyone home.

What to expect

In a lounge you have a dedicated table at which the four of you play a friendly game of up to 32 boards.  There is no director, you start at a time that suits your four and you play at your own pace.

Need to practice some system stuff?

As well as this being a great place to just play a friendly game it's also somewhere you can go to practice. 

Some partnerships use a Lounge to work on their system agreement and try out new things.  All you need is another partnership who are willing to have a social game with you while you try out some new conventions in a safe and friendly environment. 

Or maybe there are four of you all developing a system together. The Lounge is an ideal place to play together with all of the time you need between hands to discuss how things went and what can be improved.

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The Social Bridge Lounge - Booking a Table

You will need to book a table at least one day in advance.  You can do this by emailing Peter at [email protected].

The link for the table will be emailed back to you, and you should pass this on to the other players in your four.

A table in the lounge will cost $15 (in total) for the session of up to 32 boards.

The email we send you with the table link will contain details for making payment for the table. 


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