Real Bridge Sessions

Real Bridge Sessions will run weekly, every Sunday evening at 7pm.  The first session is scheduled for Sunday 30 January.

Depending upon numbers these sessions will run as a Mitchell or Swiss movement and we will normally play 20 - 24 boards.  The session will run Barometer Style which means that all tables will play the same set of boards at the same time.

If you want to play, arrange a partner and then both of you need to log on to the session a few minutes before it is scheduled to begin.  The session will be available for logging in 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

You log on to the session by clicking on the link displayed in the box below.  Then when the login page for Real Bridge appears put your name and NZ computer number in the appropriate fields and click login. 

The next thing that happens is that you are presented with a screen showing the available tables.  Look for your partner and go and select the spot opposite them at the table they have chosen.  If your partner hasn't yet logged on select a space at any table and wait for them to find you.  Just like being at the club it's nice to sit down and chat with the other pair at your table for a few minutes before the game starts.   When the director starts the session you may be automatically shifted to another table and start playing with a different pair from the ones you initially sat down with.

You do not need to create an account on Real Bridge to be able to play.


Session Link for 30 January


Link will be active on 30 Jan from about 6.30pm

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General Session Information


Initially sessions will be free.  The Hawkes Bay clubs will be subsidising Real Bridge for a few weeks while we get going and iron out any teething troubles. At a later date we may introduce a table money fee to cover the costs of running these sessions.


Masterpoints will not be awarded for these sessions.


Bridge etiquette online is very important.  You are expected to be polite and considerate at all times and to follow all of the rules of bridge in exactly the same way as you would playing in any club session.  There will be a director running the Real Bridge session, just like a live face to face session at the club.  They will be available to call to the table if issues arise during play.




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