Hastings Bridge Club was established in 1964 and by late 1965 play was in the Club's own premises located at 911 Railway Road, Hastings. In April 1977 new purpose built Clubrooms were opened on the same site. Play has continued there ever since, with the current shutdown due to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic the longest period in the club's history without play. When play resumes visitors and new members will be welcome as they always have been. Please contact one of our session convenors or committee for further information.




This morning, the Board of New Zealnd Bridge recommended to all Clubs that they close at the end of this week.   Your Committee has accepted this recommendation.    Our view is that the risk impossed on our membership demographic by Corornavirus, is more than we are prepared to accept. 


Friday will be our last session for a while.    The improvers lesson this weekend is also cancelled.


As of last night two New Zealand Clubs had already notified their members of temporary closure, and tournaments were beginning to be cancelled.    We are also aware that not all Clubs are agreeing to NZ Bridge's recommendation but we are unsure what it will take for them to change their mind.   What we know statistically from overseas data is that the number of cases currently in New Zealand is likely to be five to ten times that known to the Ministry of Health,   i.e. people have the virus but do not yet have the symptoms. 


Over the next few days we hope to be able to write to you and let you know how you might be able to play bridge sessions on the internet.   We will also let you know about our intentions with lessons this year.    Your Committee is aware that for a number of you, your bridge sessions are your weekly outing.   We promise to keep in touch with you and are looking at ways to enable us to do that.


Keep healthy,

Greg and your Committee




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