Hastings Bridge Club was established in 1964 and by late 1965 play was in the Club's own premises located at 911 Railway Road, Hastings. In April 1977 new purpose built Clubrooms were opened on the same site. Play has continued there ever since, with the recent shutdown due to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic the longest period in the club's history without play. When play resumes visitors and new members will be welcome as they always have been. Please contact one of our session convenors or committee for further information.

We are back

Your Committee met again last night and very promptly made the decision to open the Club for all sessions from Monday next the 15th of June. 

I know that you are all keen to get back to the socialisation that bridge offers, and that everyone is keen to exchange lockdown stories.   I also know that you are keen to play cards with real people.   So here is how our bridge sessions will work from next week. 

What the Club will do.  

As well as re-employing our regular clearners twice per week, your Committee members will make sure that surfaces/handles etc are clean prior to each session.   Hand sanitisers will be available as you enter and at each table.   Boards/cards that have been played will not be played again for at least one week.   We will have a record of who has been at each session.  Committee members are keen and available to hear from you regarding any issues that might be of concern.   We are aware that for some members, getting back to normal will not come easily. 

A special thank you to Fran Flynn and Norma Unverricht who have done a great job painting the side tables, washing all the table cloths and generally making the club rooms ready for us all to enjoy.

What you can do. 

Use one pen for each session.   Either bring your own, or we will provide a pen for you to use.   

Please be aware that some members might still be sensitive to the situation we have all found ourselves in.   Maybe that hug or handshake might not be as welcomed as before!   Most importantly please do not come to Bridge if you are unwell and especially if you are showing cold symtoms.    Please do not put a Committee member in the embarrassing position of having to ask you to leave the session. 

Follow Ministry of Health guidleines regarding the need for careful hygene









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